Technical Capability




Cased-Hole and Open-Hole Acoustic

Dual Induction

Array Induction

Coiled-tubing conveyed Memory Induction




Cased-Hole Compensated-Neutron-Porosity/Gamma-Ray

Spectral Gamma-Ray


Noise Logging

Radial differential temperature

Tubular free point

Short-Range down-hole electromagnetic data telemetry

Drilling-Rig Remote Systems Monitor

Battery-powered surface/down-hole data logging systems

Slick-line data telemetry

Down-hole Pressure Integrity Testing for casing-shoe setting

Pulsed Neutron Capture Sigma/Carbon-Oxygen

Wireline Telemetry

Data logging software for Windows or Linux

Down Hole Hardware ( Temperatures =< 200 C.)

Analog Interface Circuits for Down-hole Sensors

Scintillation detectors and charge amplifiers

Digital Multiplexor Circuits for Sub-Surface to Surface Communications

Low voltage Royer and switched-mode Power Supplies

High voltage power supplies ( < 110 KV)

High voltage pulse circuits

Inductive and Acoustic Transmitters and Receivers

Micro-Controller and DSP computer and memory Circuits

Transformers and inductors


Custom CCLs

Software and Firmware

C, ASM , and VHDL Programs for Embedded Processors and Controllers

CPUs: Intel 4004, 4040, 8008, 8080, 8085, 8086, 80386, 80486, 8048, 8051, 8052.

Rockwell 6502.

Atmel 89C52, 89C2051.

Maxim DS87C520.

Analog Devices ADSP-218x, ADSP-219X, AduC831, Blackfin BF53x

Operating Systems: MsDOS 3.3 -> 6.22, Windows95, 98, XP, Debian Linux, HP-UX 5.0

EPLDs/CPLDs: Altera EP610, Atmel ATV2500BQL, ATF750BL, Xilinx Coolrunner2

FPGAs: Xilinx Spartan XL, Spartan 3

Mathematical models for the Synthesis of Analog Circuits and Sensors

Mathematical models for Induction Tool coil arrays